Purr Furred Pet Sitting is very responsible and dependable. They give me lots of TLC while my mom and dad are away from home.
- Clea Rogers

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Pet Companion Services:
Whenever life takes you out of town, Purr Furred Pet Sitting will come to
your house and care for your pet while you are away. We will follow your
pet care routine to the detail. This includes fresh food and water,
exercising, and administering any medication your pet requires. Most
importantly, we will give your pet lots of tender loving care. Dogs
generally require 1-3 visits per day. Cats usually require 1-2 visits per
day. Each visit is approximately 30 minutes. While we are visiting, we can
also provide home care services, such as picking up the newspaper,
collecting mail, alternating lights, and watering plants.

Pet Sitting Hours of Operation:
Morning: 7-10am
Midday: 12-3pm
Evening: 5-8pm
*Other hours available by prior arrangement

Pet Sitting Rates:
1-2 pets: $18 per visit

3 pets: $20 per visit

4-5 pets: $22 per visit

6 or more: price to be determined at consultation.


Dog Walking Service:

Purr Furred Pet Sitting provides a dog walking program for your canine
companion for mid-day relief and exercise while you are at work. This is
dog-gone purr-fect for canines of all ages. It will energize their body,
mind, and spirit.

Dog Walking Rate:

Dog walking hours: 12-3pm (M-F excluding holidays)

$70 per week: 20 minute walk

$60 per week: 10 minute walk

$15 per day: 20 minute walk

$13 per day: 10 minute walk


Overnight Pet Sit:

For those furry friends that like to have added comfort throughout the
night, overnight stays can be arranged. Rest easy away from home knowing
that your animals, and your home, are in our care.
Overnight Hours: 9pm-7am

Overnight Rate: $75 per night. Additional visits during the day will be
charged at the normal per visit rate.

Additional Fees:

*Holiday Rates: $10 per day surcharge fee to regular rates. Holidays
include: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July,
Labor Day, Thanksgiving,the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

*Late night pet sit $10 surcharge fee for pet sits after 8pm

*Key pick up and drop off: $10 surcharge fee. Key pick up and drop off is
complimentary for first- time customers.


New Payment Policy:
For your convenience we now accept Visa and MasterCard payments. Credit card
payments will be processed, and your card charged, on the last day of the
scheduled pet sit.

Beginning January 1, 2008, our payment policy will change to require that
check and cash payments be received the first day of scheduled pet sits.
When you schedule your pet sitting appointment via phone or email, I will
let you know your invoice amount. We will accept post-dated checks for the
last day of the pet sit. This policy change does not apply to scheduled
daily dog walks.

Initial Consultation: For all new and potential clients, we require a
complimentary “Meet and Greet” to take place prior to scheduling service
with Purr Furred Pet Sitting. This meeting helps us gather information about
each of your animal’s daily routines and special needs. We will also
provide you with a pet sitting agreement form which we require to be
completed and signed prior to our first scheduled pet sitting service.

Client paperwork: Please note that client paperwork must be returned to us
completed and signed prior to our first scheduled service. Otherwise, for
liability reasons, we will be unable to care for your pet(s). Once
completed all client paperwork is kept on file for future pet sitting
services. We ask established clients, prior to a scheduled visit, please
let us know of any pertinent changes to your contact information or home
access so that your file can be updated. It is also very important for us
to know of changes affecting your pet (diet, medical needs, health) that
have occurred between services.

House Keys: Prior to each scheduled service we will arrange to either pick
up client house keys or a client can choose to have us keep a set of keys in
a secured lock box for future pet sitting needs. We have designed this
program because our ultimate goal is to build a long-term relationship with
our customers. This enables us to service our customers’ needs at a moments
notice with minimal inconvenience. However, if you would like us to pickup
and return your keys there is a $10 fee. For new clients, this fee is
waived one-time. Clients electing for their keys to be returned must
contact us to make these arrangements. For emergency and security reasons,
we will not leave keys inside your home during our last visit. Keys will
only be released to clients or their designated representative.

Visiting hours: Our normal visiting hours are between 7am-8pm. Please
contact us if other arrangements need to be made.

Specific Times of Visits: Unless your pet is on a medication schedule, once
a day visits cannot be scheduled for a specific time. For once a day
visits, you may request if you prefer morning or evening visits. We reserve
specific times in the morning and evening visits for our twice a day

Length of Visits: Each visit lasts approximately 30 minutes. The only
exception to the rule are those pets who do not enjoy receiving TLC and
being played with during the visit. If we find, for example, that our
entire checklist is completed before 30 minutes, and the pet refuses to
play, then we may leave at that point.

Walking pets: We walk all pets who enjoy walking. However, pets that are
not current on vaccinations, or pets that continue to fight the leash, by
pulling excessively and choking will not be walked. Each visit includes a
walk unless one of these conditions makes it impossible. During our
complimentary consultation, we will consult with you to find some other form
of exercise if walking is not an option.

Outdoor Cats: If you have a cat who remains outdoors all day and comes in at
night, we cannot assure you that we will be able to have your cat indoors at
the exact time of our visit. We will make every effort to bring the cat in,
however, if it doesn’t return for nightly containment, we will put the food
and water outside to assure it doesn’t skip a meal.

Temperature Inversions: On occasion, during the hot summer months or
freezing winter days, we will not walk your pets. Veterinarians have
advised us that it is unhealthy, if not dangerous, for dogs of all ages to
exercise during these extreme conditions. We will consult with you before
your scheduled trip about agreeing on an alternative solution for exercise.

No Charge Policy: We will not charge for cancellations, change of dates, or
early returns, providing you contact us prior to a visit. Our answering
machine is on 24 hours a day for this purpose. If you return from a trip
early and do not call us to cancel our visit, and we arrive for the pet sit,
you will be charged the full fee of the visit.

Shared Responsibility: Many people like to include friends, neighbors, and
relatives in the pet sitting duties. These well-intentioned actions cause
much confusion during a shared pet sitting assignment. Most common problems
include: overfeeding, unlocked doors, lost keys, or missing some feedings
altogether. We cannot be responsible for any pet sitting assignments where
“others” are going to share the workload. We advise anyone considering this
option to make only one person, or us, responsible for the entire

Certified Veterinary Assistant
Member of Pet Sitters International
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